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    Top 25 Podcast - Mike Thakur
    August 11, 2020 Living the Dream

    This week’s podcast episode gives more behind the scenes information on why Mike and his...

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    Watch the "Best of 2020" Episode Now

    Mike and Linda review their favorite moments with guests from season 1 of The Mike Thakur Show.

    YouTube Channel - Mike Thakur
    • My new favorite podcast! Love what you are doing! This podcast is going into my weekly rotation!!

      Misty Phillip
    • I love how absolutely authentic the show is so far and I’m already looking forward to the community of like-minded entrepreneurs that will emerge from this.

      Melissa Steely
    • “There are a ton of entrepreneurial podcasts out there but this podcast resonated with me. The host, Mike Thakur is thoughtful and provides real life, entrepreneurial perspective without the fluff. Love his story telling abilities and his passion for helping entrepreneurs build businesses with purpose, passion and profit! Highly recommended 👈🏼 
      Ozeal DeBastos
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