There’s something about a new year. The feeling of a fresh start. The psychological release that comes from the old passing away and the new arriving. The culmination of anticipation that’s lasted days, weeks or even months (depending on how your previous year has been).

What holds true however, is that in this new year and new decade, we’re better prepared, more ready and more likely to succeed than we’ve ever been. Why? Because our journey of life has brought us to this day and trained us for it whether we realize it or not. Whether it’s experience, education or simple street smarts, the culmination of knowledge and experience in our minds is more than it’s ever been which is why this New Year, and new decade will be our best yet.

As we pull from the scars that taught us, as we lean on the wisdom we’ve gleaned, we can’t help but apply and execute better than ever because our muscle memory demands it. This makes us more confident than ever and let’s us see better results than ever.

Einstein said it’s insanity to do the same thing over and over again but to expect different results. They key here is that he didn’t mean just throw everything out and keep doing completely different things. Ask any athlete who practices their free throws, penalty kicks or whatever else they focus on. The reason they get better is because their bodies improve based on everything they did previously, but also because they ARE doing essentially the same thing over and over again, but they’re making the slightest changes, nuanced improvements to fine tune and nail it.

I’d like to encourage you this new year, not to start by assuming you need to BIG, wholesale changes to find the growth and improvements you’re looking for. Start small. Start subtle. Make little tweaks and pay attention to the changes. You might just be closer than you think!